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Our 2018 Master Plant List

This list features our perennials, roses, and vines in stock for the 2018 gardening season. Click here to see our 2018 list of other woody plants: conifers, shrubs, and trees.

Click on a plant's botanic name for more detailed information and photos. Click on the link for a printer friendly page of this list.

Botanic NameCommonSizeFlowersZoneExposurePrice
New Icon Rodgersia henrici 'Cherry Blush' 4Partial Shade#1, $10.00
New Icon Rosa 'Campfire' Canadian Artist Series3Sun#2, 36
Rosa 'Hansa' Rugosa Rose72" x 72"Violet3Sun#5, 46
Rosa 'John Cabot' Climbing Rose120"Pink2Sun#2, 34
Rosa 'Marie Bugnet' Rugosa Rose42" x 42"White3Sun#2, 34
Rosa 'Morden Blush' Shrub Rose28" x 18"Pink3Sun#2, $34
Rosa 'Morden Centennial' Shrub Rose30" x 36"Pink3Sun#2, 34
Rosa 'Ramblin' Red' Climbing Rose120" x 60"Red3Sun#2, $34
Rosa 'Rugosa' Rugosa RosePink2Sun
Rosa 'Therese Bugnet' Rugosa Rose72-84" x 72-84"Pink2Sun#2, $34
Salvia nemorosa 'May Night' Salvia18" x 15"Blue3Sun#1, $9.75
Saponaria ocymoides Soapwort12" x 8"Pink3SunPartial Shade6 inch, $8.75
New Icon Sedum 'Firecracker' SUNSPARKLER´┐Ż Series4-9Sun#1, $9.75
Sedum kamtschaticum Russian Stonecrop3Sun#1, $9.75
Stachys monieri 'Hummelo' 16"Pink4SunPartial Shade#2, $12.00
#1, $9.75
Tanacetum 'Robinson's Red' Painted Daisy30" x 30"Red4Sun
New Icon Thalictrum delavayi 'Hewitt's Double' Meadow Rue3SunPartial Shade#1, $12.00
Thymus praecox ''Coccineum'' 4Sun
Thymus pseudolanuginosus Woolly Thyme3" x 3"Pink5SunPartial Shade4 inch, $6.25
Thymus serpyllum 'Elfin' Thyme1" x 4"Lavender4Sun4 inch, 6.25
6 inch, 8.75
Thymus serpyllum coccineus 'Major Red' Thyme3" x 3"Red4SunUnavailable,
Trollius cultorum ''Superbus'' Globeflower3SunPartial Shade#1, $12.00
Viola 'Etain' Violet4" x 6"Purple4SunPartial Shade6 inch, $8.75


Exposure Key:   

SunFull sun

PartialPartial sun & shade

ShadeFull shade


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