Asparagus officinalis 'Jersey Giant' (Asparagus)

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Yes we can grow asparagus in Alaska and yes, they are hardy. And of course, they are tasty and good for you. If you get to the greenhouse before we pot them up, we have a great price we can pass along. Consistent yield 2-3 times more spears then 'Martha Washington'. Adapted to temperate and cool climates.

Asparagus plants are monoecious�each individual plant is either male or female. Some varieties of asparagus, such as �Jersey Knight� and �Jersey Giant� produce all male or primarily male plants, so they�re more productive�male plants yield more harvestable shoots because they don�t have to invest energy in producing seeds. Choose an all-male variety if high yield is your primary goal. If you like to experiment, you may also want to grow an heirloom variety or a purple-stalked variety like �Purple Passion�. With an all-male variety, twenty-five plants are usually adequate for a household of four; plant double that amount for standard varieties Select and prepare your asparagus bed with care; this crop will occupy the same spot for 20 years or more. It can tolerate some shade, but full sun produces more vigorous plants and helps minimize disease. Asparagus does best in lighter soils that warm up quickly in spring and drain well; standing water will quickly rot the roots. Prepare a planting bed about 4 feet wide by removing all perennial weeds and roots and digging in plenty of aged manure or compost.

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Zone: 3
Exposure: Sun
Height x Width: 7-9" x "
Flower Color: 
Bloom Time: Summer
Foliage: Fern-like foliage
Category: Perennial
Price: 6 inch, $8.75
Price: Bare Root, 2.

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