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Clematis Instructions For Growing

The queen of climbing vines can be grown over various supports including fences, walls, pergolas, arches, other plants like paeonia, roses, trellis etc. Dig a hole 18” wide and deep. Amend the soil with compost or manure and top dress annually. Pruning is based on whether the variety blooms on old or new wood. Old wood plants should not be pruned except for shape, dead or diseased. New wood blooming plants should be lightly pruned in late winter or early spring, removing dead or weak stems and shaping. If you are unsure, don’t prune. You can always prune later but you can’t put it back after its cut!!  Theoretically these ‘bloom on new wood’ clematis should be pruned hard in late winter but that may not be practical in Alaska. Try pruning 1/3 of the vine back to 6-9 inches every year. Prune back to a well developed bud. The goal is to eliminate getting bare stems with a thick tangle above. Moose eat vines. Our varieties are at least hardy to zone 4 and some to as cold as zone 2. The books all say clematis like cool roots. I think we’ve got that covered naturally with our cool Alaskan soils.

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SunFull sun

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