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Geranium 'Purple Ghost' ()

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A large group of excellent perennials in a wide color range. Some are clump forming where others are spreading types. Foliage is important for location choice. Larger foliage varieties need some shade, the varieties with the finely divided foliage can usually tolerate full sun. Purple Ghost features soft lavender flowers with dark veins. Contrasting dark foliage. Vigorous grower, highly mildew tolerant.

Zone: 4-8
Exposure: SunPartial Shade
Height x Width: 20" x 18-24""
Flower Color: White
Bloom Time: Summer
Foliage: purple
Notes: Photo credit DeVroomen
Price: #1, $12.00

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Geranium 'Rozanne' (Cranesbill Geranium)

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Perennial Plant of the Year for 2008 from the Perennial Plant Association. Wonderful weaving plant with bright violet blue large flowers with white centers.

Excellent in containers weaving among the other plants.

Miscellaneous Name: Patented (PP #12,175)

Zone: 5
Exposure: SunPartial Shade
Height x Width: 18" x 15-18"
Flower Color: Violet
Bloom Time: Summer-Fall
Foliage: Mottled foliage
Notes: Tolerates wet conditions. Combine with iris, daylilies, Filipendula 'Nana', Astrantia.
Price: #1, $9.75

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Geranium sanguinium 'Vision Violet' (Bloody Cranesbill Geranium)

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Sweet, clumping fragile-looking plant but not really. Light pink blooms completely smother the mound of foliage. Great rock garden plant.

Combine with Primula cortusoides, Dodecatheon, Saxifragas, hosta, Ajuga.

Zone: 3
Exposure: SunPartial Shade
Height x Width: 5" x 8-12"
Flower Color: Pink
Bloom Time: Spring-Summer-Fall
Foliage: Fall color interest
Price: 6 inch, $8.75
Price: #1, $9.75

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SunFull sun

PartialPartial sun & shade

ShadeFull shade


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