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Sedum 'Firecracker' SUNSPARKLER� Series ()

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For a rich blanket of color in those hot, sunny areas, try Sedum �Firecracker� from breeder Chris Hansen who also brought us �Dazzleberry� and �Lime Zinger�. This is Chris� improvement over his previous red-foliage introduction, �Cherry Tart�. You will be amazed by the foliage bud count on each dormant plug; it is a very dense growing, well-branched selection that won�t split open in summer. It puts on a strong show of burgundy red color all season long, with only the tiniest new leaves emerging mint green. Plant �Firecracker� en masse in the landscape as a colorful, weed-suppressing ground cover and enjoy its vibrant pink flowers in late summer to early fall as an added bonus.

Zone: 4-9
Exposure: Sun
Height x Width: 6"" x 18""
Flower Color: Pink
Bloom Time: Fall
Foliage: Burgundy Red
Notes: Tolerates drought conditions. Attracts insects or birds. Photo credit: Walter's Gardens
Price: #1, $9.75

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Sedum kamtschaticum (Russian Stonecrop)

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One of our standbys for years, as everyone needs a few of these for their rock gardens. Very hardy and spreads nicely.

Zone: 3
Exposure: Sun
Height x Width: 4-6" x 10-15"
Flower Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Early summer
Notes: Tolerates drought conditions. Attracts insects or birds.
Price: #1, $9.75

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SunFull sun

PartialPartial sun & shade

ShadeFull shade


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