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Deciduous Shrubs Planting Instructions

  1. Deciding which shrub is the hardest part. Consider first your location, sun, part shade, moist, wind, water available zone, etc. Then think about mature height and width, color of foliage and or blooms.

  2. Planting your shrub properly will help to ensure your new additions the best start possible. Gather all the tools necessary for the planting including a sharp shovel or spade, tarp and or a wheel barrel, amendments and water.

  3. Dig a hole 3 times the diameter of the pot the shrub is in now. Not much deeper though, as that causes the plant to sink later. With the dirt sitting out of the hole, add your amendments and mix outside the hole; compost or composted manure, fishy peat, and if the soil has a lot clay, maybe some sand or peat moss. Depending on the size of the plant/hole, a couple of shovels of 'good stuff' should do it.

  4. Back fill the hole to make sure the shrub will be at the same depth as in the pot, massage or not the roots (research shows no difference unless it is really root bound) and place the plant in the hole. Water thoroughly. It's important the first season to keep the shrub watered.

  5.  Now for maybe the most important part, moose protection during the spring and winter. If your shrub isn't in a fenced area, sooner or later it will be devoured. It's a given. Wrapping them with burlap, or other breathable fabric works. Making a wire fence from concrete reinforcing wire works great for larger plants. Plantskydd works most of the time but not foolproof if they are

  6. hungry. Don't be devastated. Take the time to tend to this issue.


Pollination Notes
CURRENTS AND GOOSEBERRIES are self pollinating. Excellent fruit production can be obtained with just one plant. If currants are grown near gooseberries however, yields can be even better. Black currants perform better when different cultivars are grown together. Black currants will not cross with red or white currants.
LONICERA (HONEYBERRIES) need a pollinator. Any Polar variety will cross with other varieties. Our 'Polar Jewell' will pollinate 'Borealis'.


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