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Primula in Our Garden

We specialize in hardy plants for Alaskan gardens. These include perennials, vines, roses, shrubs and trees. Our goal is to offer you the largest selection of hardy herbaceous perennials suitable for the great north and other cold-hardy regions, and to provide our expertise so you can succeed in growing healthy, beautiful plants with the least amount of negative impact on our environment.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to find what your're looking for in our online plant catalog. Select from one of the links on the left to view plants by major category (perennials, roses, vines, etc.) or select group (lilies, peonies, primroses, etc.).

To see all plants available for the 2023 season, click on the Full Plant List.

For more advanced searches, use the Search Page where you can look for a plant by name (common or botanic) or by characteristics or attributes (flower color, bloom time, exposure, fragrance, etc.).

The Perennial Experts

Perennial Plants Page »

Eryngium 'Blue Glitter'

We started Alaska Hardy Gardens many years ago because we love perennials. Back then, Alaskan gardeners had a limited choice of perennial plants and ornamental grasses. But, over the years, we have greatly expanded the number of cold-hardy varieties available in Alaska. We call these plants Alaska Hardy® Perennials. Our own line of plants is your assurance these star performers are locally grown, are cold hardy and of high quality.We keep adding more new perennials and ornamental grasses every year. Take a look for yourself.

Our Last Year Best Sellers

Top 20 Sellers »

Hosta: A Top 20 Seller It's always fun to take a look back at our achievements over the past year, now that the gardening season is a distant memory and this new year is here. And once again we're posting our Top 20 Sellers for last season. We see the old familiar plants in the Top 20 list, but again there were a few surprises. If you want to get an idea what was tops in the past, take a look at our top sellers. Do you have any of these in your garden?

Hardy Garden Lilies

Lilies Page »

Lilium tigrinium

Lilies have been around forever and there are many good reasons why they deserve a spot in your garden. For this upcoming year, we continue to grow many selections of Asiatic and L.A. hybrid lilies and two special hard-to-find lilies: a Double Tigrinium lily (pictured here) and one Martagon variety.

Primula Specialists

Primula Page »

Primula 'Lismore Jewel'

With more than 600 Primula (primrose) varieties divided into 23 sections and probably 250 that are good for Alaska gardens, there has to be at least one — or 10 — primrose perfect for your garden. What other genera can boast so many varieties that are great in so many different conditions? They usually are completely disease and pest free. Some love wet areas, some are great in rock gardens, while some bloom in early spring and others late into fall. And for sizes, the sky is the limit, from tiny two-inch ones to the taller candelabra types.

Alaska Hardy® Roses

Roses Page »

Rosa 'Bonica'

Over the past few years since we introduced cold-hardy roses, our sales and selections have exploded. There's nothing like success and that is exactly what has happened to our Alaska Hardy® Zone 2 and 3 rose selections. Alaska Hardy Gardens now sells at least 35 rose varieties! Pictured here is a real beauty, Rosa Bonica.

Follow this link for rose planting and care instructions.

Cold Hardy Garden Vines

Vines Page »


Alaska Hardy Gardens is pleased to offer a growing selection of cold-hardy vines, ideal for many garden situations. We grow hardy kiwi, American bittersweet, many outstanding varieties of clematis, honeysuckle and more.

Shrubs and Trees


Click on the link here for our shrub and tree list. The most recent trend to design shrubs into our perennial beds has presented Alaska Hardy Gardens with a challenge. I have traveled extensively to search out sources and spent many years now trialing different varieties. We are very pleased to offer a great line-up of beautiful conifers, shrubs, and trees.

Easy Ordering

If you find something you like here, please don't hesitate to call us at (907) 235-4969 if you're looking for particular plants or have questions. We're here to help you succeed in growing great plants!


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