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Primula are always in the top 20 Best Sellers line up each year. There’s a reason. They love Alaska!! They are easy to grow and with over 250 varieties and cultivars, you can spend a lifetime exploring this variety. They range in sizes from 1” ground covers to three feet tall. The colors are endless. Some varieties start blooming in spring and others bloom right into the first frost. There are even primula societies and clubs and in Alaska, you won’t have to go far to find a primula addict friend. If you are a serious primula person, you’ll want to learn about Sections. The listed primula are at least 2 years old and most likely 3 or longer years with multiple plants in the pot. This year’s seedlings are not listed so if you are looking for something specific and don’t see it, be sure to ask. Most of our primula are in 6” pots but a few are available in smaller 4” pots.

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